Into My Life

About the Film

Growing up in the 60's and 70's in the largest affordable housing cooperative in Brooklyn, Cassandra Bromfield's world was artfully framed by her mother's Super-8 camera. A schoolteacher with many creative talents, Cassandra's mom documented the exuberance of her neighborhood's public spaces: showcasing the lively pool, the packed playground and the graffitied handball court. Children and teenagers gleefully performed in front of her Bolex.

The passion to create was passed from mother to daughter, as was the lease on the affordable apartment. Cassandra still lives in the same place working as a fashion designer during the day, sewing her clients' visions and as a filmmaker at night, assembling documents of her own life and environment with stunning images captured by her mother. When Cassandra posts her edits online, she onotes the lack of comparable footage of other black families from the time, much less footage shot by black women. She believes her mother's intent behind the camera was to show that the lives of the people around her, people who might otherwise be forgotten, mattered. 

By exploring this remarkable and rich archive alongside Casscandra's candid narration, Into My Life pays a moving tribute to the artistic practice of this mother-daughter duo, the community present in their neighborhood and the power in creative self-representation. 

About the Filmmaker(s)

Ivana Hucíková is a documentary filmmaker from Bratislava, Slovakia, where she graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in 2015 and shortly after co-founded a collective of young documentary filmmakers, Mirakl, o.z. Her thesis short documentary film Mothers and Daughters was distributed by KineDok and screened in more than 60 venues in numerous countries of Europe. In 2017, she was one of the Fellows of the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio in New York, participated in IDFAcadmeny 2017 in Amsterdam and was selected as one of the Fellows of the MADE in New York 2018 Fellowship.

Sarah Keeling is a documentary filmmaker and artist currently based in New York. She was a 2017 fellow in the Collaborative Studio at UnionDocs (NY) and a 2018 fellow at the Made in NY Media Center. In 2018, she was a selected director/project creator to participate in IFP’s Screen Forward Lab with her upcoming documentary series. She has worked as an operator on Lynn Nottage’s multimedia play, This Is Reading and is currently an associate producer on Marialuisa Ernst upcoming feature documentary.

Grace Remington is a producer who has worked in documentary film and television in the United States, Mexico and Peru. She worked as the archival producer for Abstract: The Art of Design, an eight-episode documentary series directed by Morgan Neville, Richard Press, Chai Vasarhelyi and Brian Oakes that debuted at Sundance prior to streaming on Netflix in 2017. She also worked as the archival producer on "Year Million” (National Geographic, 2017) and is currently working as a supervising archival producer on an in-production Netflix series and as a story producer for an upcoming Discovery special.

Into My Life is a production of the 2017 UnionDocs Collaborative Studio. Since 2010, UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art has guided select groups of documentary fellows in our Collaborative Studio Program through a 10-month production cycle. Coming from a wide diversity of backgrounds and countries, the CoLab has been an invaluable experience to meet other collaborators, enact ideas, and expand as a filmmaker. 

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