Balloon Girl

About the Film

At the park, a little girl proudly carries her red balloon. As she passes a mother trying to soothe her crying baby, the baby stops crying at the sight of the girl's balloon. The girl loves her balloon, but so does the baby what should she do? Balloon Girl tells the story of a young girl's compassion and how it changes a complete stranger's day, showing that little things make a big difference. 

About the Filmmaker(s)

Realized by Shabnam Rezaei and Big Bad Boo Studios, Balloon Girl is written by Daniel Errico and Directed by Shabnam Rezaei.
A former mechanical engineer, Daniel Errico left his career at an investment bank to create In the years since, he has produced multiple number one best-selling children’s ebooks with B & N and has books in stores nationwide through Sky Pony Press. His works have been made into books, best-selling ebooks, animated films, apps, and even plays. Throughout, his stories have been available online to encourage literacy and free media for kids.
Shabnam Rezaei is co-founder of Big Bad Boo Studios and has written, created, directed and produced multiple, award-winning animated children’s TV series, including Hulu’s “The Bravest Knight”, TVOKids “16 Hudson”, “Mixed Nutz” and “1001 Nights” which airs in 80 countries. Prior to this, Shabnam spent 10 years on Wall Street in held managerial positions at EXIS, Misys and Deloitte & Touche. She has  a BS in Computer Science, a BA in German Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from NYU. As a polyglot, she believes in raising children with a world view which led her to start the multilingual platform Oznoz, featuring cartoons in 10 languages or kids.

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