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BT Lives in the Stitch

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The Moon and the Night

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How the Jury Voted

Official Selections

The votes are tallied and the winners chosen, but you can still enjoy the amazing films from the 2019 Film Festival below.

How the Votes Were TalliedMeet the 2019 Jury

Watch Audible StaticWatch

Audible Static

When a young boy with a speech impediment falls in love, he takes extreme measures to overcome his adversary.

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Watch All Square: Justice Served in a SandwichWatch

All Square: Justice Served in a Sandwich

Emily Hunt Turner challenges the narrative that stems from having a criminal record through her restaurant, All Square. 

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Watch Atlantic CityWatch

Atlantic City

Two Texas drifters test their friendship when one wants to head north and find his estranged mother.

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Watch Balloon GirlWatch

Balloon Girl

A young girl realizes the art of participating in small acts of kindness. 

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Watch BeaconWatch


When a pilgrim's arrival disrupts the congregation, one member begins to question everything. 

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Watch Blank CanvasWatch

Blank Canvas

Two disparate strangers form an unlikely bond on a rooftop after experiencing traumatic situations. 

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Watch BT Lives in the StitchWatch

BT Lives in the Stitch

An involved highschool teacher creates a knitting group that doubles as an after school safe haven for students.

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Watch Charlotte and CharlieWatch

Charlotte and Charlie

As a young woman's eyesight begins to fade, so does her ability to operate her most prized possession: her car.

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Watch Heroine of HopeWatch

Heroine of Hope

In hope of assisting those stuck in the systems of addiction and prostitution, Scarlett titles herself "Momma" to improve the women's livelihood.

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Watch Hidden Vote: Are Gay Rights Gun Rights?Watch

Hidden Vote | Are Gay Rights Gun Rights?

A queer couple lives in harmony, despite their conflicting political opinions.

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Watch Into My LifeWatch

Into My Life

Cassandra appreciates her late mother's creativity by examining the Super-8 films she shot of 1960s-80s Brooklyn.

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Watch JoanWatch


Despite a life-altering diagnosis, Joan reflects in pride of her beautiful 60 years. 

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Watch Love WinsWatch

Love Wins

A heartwarming love story which celebrates a relationship that was once forbidden.

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Watch Ode to PabloWatch

Ode to Pablo

Challenged to a basketball game, a deaf Latino boy connects with another player, despite the evident language barrier. 

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Watch Paris Blues in HarlemWatch

Paris Blues in Harlem

An edgy woman attempts to convince her granddad to abandon his jazz club's legacy for a mound of cash.

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Watch RaniWatch


A Pakistani transgender woman welcomes life's challenges in order to care for an abandoned child.

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Watch The Children of Central CityWatch

The Children of Central City

A look at the impact growing up surrounded by violence in inner city, New Orleans.

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Watch The Country PriestWatch

The Country Priest

The impending border wall threatens a chapel and a local priest in Mission, Texas.

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Watch The JumpWatch

The Jump

Despite societal pressures to choose a college major, Luna explores opportunities by simply moving forward.

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Watch The Moon and the NightWatch

The Moon and the Night

In rural Hawaii, a teenage girl must confront her father after he enters her beloved pet in a dog fight.

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Watch The Shepherd of the StarsWatch

The Shepherd of the Stars

When the world began, a shepard and his dog traveled by foot each day to blow in a magic horn and light the night sky.

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Watch Under the Milky Way (360 experience)Watch

Under the Milky Way

Travel to the dark skies prairie of Nebraska and reconnect with nature's midnight majesty. 

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Watch Who Are You?Watch

Who Are You?

When a writer has a disastrous creative block, a delivery girl arrives with a mysterious box.

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Watch yoox̲atuwatánk (We Speak)Watch

yoox̲atuwatánk (We Speak)

Ranging from scenic views to tribal ceremonies, we delve into the lessons passed on through an indigenous ancestry.  

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Watch Young AdultWatch

Young Adult

A teenager with cerebral palsy stops at nothing to connect with her first love.

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