Wind Back

About the Film

When a mother of a young boy dies suddenly but expectedly, the father goes to great lengths to keep her alive with the son. He records hours of her talking, builds a machine in her bedroom that plays the recording, and hammers the door shut. As the boy grows up, he gets to have a relationship with his mother, who he thinks is a door. The door is as much of a parent as his father, as they play together, eat together, and celebrate holidays together. As the boy grows older, and after he sees his date confused by the arrangement, he grows suspicious. When the father dies, he destroys the door and sees the machine for the first time. He turns it off. Years pass. The boy, now an old man, returns to his childhood home. He turns on the machine and fixes the door. He sits at the door and talks to his mother for the first time in years, and possibly the last time ever.

About the Filmmaker 

Born in Italy, on October 24th in 1996.

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Q&A on the Film 

Wind Back.jpgRead the full Q&ADirector Andrea Carrino reveals how a simple request from his mother inspired him to create his film "Wind Back."

PBS: What was the inspiration behind the plot for this film?

Andrea Carrino: I had the seed of the idea one night after I came back from the cinema. I entered my house, there was total silence, all the lights were off and everyone was sleeping. While I was going to sleep I suddenly heard the voice of my mom; she was calling me, asking to turn on the washing machine and I replied through her room door, which was closed. Immediately after that, the concept popped up into my head: a boy who comes home to talk to his mother through a sealed door.

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