2018 Jury Selections

A distinguished panel of eight jury members selected and ranked their top 5 favorite films of the festival. Learn more about each jurist here and check out each panelists' picks below.

Pamela A. Aguilar

Senior Director of Programming and Development for PBS

  1. Caracol Cruzando
  2. Black Canaries
  3. Our Time
  4. Heroes of Color
  5. Total Eclipse of the Heartland

Eric Gulliver

Producer and Editor of American Experience

  1. Redneck Muslim
  2. The Ties That Bind
  3. Black Canaries
  4. Stronghold of Resistance  Sable Island & Her Legendary Horses
  5. Cowgirl Up
Eric Gulliver mugshot.jpg

Simon Kilmurry

Executive Director of the International Documentary Association

  1. Desde el Principio
  2. Redneck Muslim
  3. The F Word | F is for: Foster Care
  4. Our Time
  5. Black Muslim Woman
Simon Kilmurry mugshot.jpg


Mike Sargent

Founding Member of the Black Film Critics Circle

  1. Ka Piko
  2. The Melancholy Man
  3. Flip the Record
  4. Heroes of Color
  5. I Am a Refugee
Mike Sargent mugshot.jpg

Chloe Walters-Wallace

Chloe Walters-Wallace is the Documentary Lab Manager at Firelight Media

  1. Flip the Record
  2. Caracol Cruzando
  3. Cowgirl Up
  4. Stronghold of Resistance  Sable Island & Her Legendary Horses
  5. Black Canaries

Judith M. Vecchione mugshot.jpg

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