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Since its launch in 2012, the PBS Online Film Festival has featured diverse films from PBS member stations and ITVS and POV. Starting July 17, viewers can once again watch, vote and share their favorites. This year's festival includes collaborations with a wide variety of public television producers. The PBS Online Film Festival has attracted more than 4 million video streams over the first five years.


From Our Partners

From a filmmaker perspective, we have also been extremely grateful for the exposure that our film received because of the Online Film Festival. It's very humbling and encouraging to know that the stories from an isolated place like West Texas, still resonate and speak to the human experience across the country.

— Reagan Doyal, Education Content Coordinator, KTTZ-Texas Tech, 2016 Festival Partner


The PBS Online Film Festival as a whole opened eyes with key community leaders who now understand that WCVE has the means to elevate a local initiative to a national level.

— John Felton, General Manager, WCVE Richmond, 2013 Festival Partner


The PBS Online Film Festival widened the audience for my short film, My Dear Americans, and also gave visibility to the film's characters that often exist at the periphery of American society. ... For such a small film to make such an impact would not have been possible if it were not for the PBS Online Film Festival.

— Filmmaker Arpita Kumar, 2014 Festival Winner

Viewing Party

We're kicking off the 2017 PBS Online Film Festival and we want you to celebrate with us! Enjoy this year's 25 films in the company of friends and family with your very own PBS Online Film Festival viewing party. Not sure where to begin? Not a problem — that’s what we’re here for. As you plan for the films ahead, use our exclusive viewing party kit below to guide you through your role as a host.

For party setup, social media tips, mouth-watering summer recipes from PBS Food and more, check out our guide so you can hold the ultimate film festival bash. Share the news with your friends using our custom invitation and dive into conversation after screening to discuss your favorites.


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