Watch Still, a film about a 72-year-old free diver and ocean photographer.


About the film

As society enters a new era of awareness towards environmentalism on land, very much is still unknown about the sustainability of the one body that encompasses over 70% of earth: Our oceans. Humans are merely specs among the vast sea, that not only contains millions of undiscovered species, but also the stability of life on land that is entirely dependent on the ocean’s balance.

Today, the ocean faces many environmental and biological threats, most of which are due to human action. Carlos Eyles, a 72-year-old ocean photographer, author, and free diver, serves as the voice of the ocean in Still, sharing decades of history through his close relationship with the marine world. Eyles continually emphasizes self-awareness and the importance of understanding one’s place of existence in the greater scheme of life. 

About the filmmakers

Ruby Stocking, Jose Tadeu Bijos, Michael Barth, and Pasqual Guiterrez are all currently pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, in various majors correlating to film production. In the making of Still, not only are the filmmakers showcasing a pertinent topic to all living creatures, but exploring a subject each filmmaker has and will always hold close to heart.

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