Brionna Williams

Watch Brionna Williams, a film about student’s journey to combat asthma.


About the film

At 14, Williams was suffering from health problems and chronic asthma. Now a 17-year-old senior at Kansas City’s Central High School, Brionna has become healthier and has found success as a highly recruited student athlete

Image - Brionna-Filmmaker-Headshot-Crum.jpgAbout the filmmakers

Carl and Elisabeth Crum (pictured) have produced dozens of documentary films for broadcast, transmedia initiatives and public installations. In 2000, the couple founded the production company Brazos Film & Video. They have since expanded with One Square Mile Films and BoxedDOCS initiatives, which focus on branding films and documentaries.

In addition to their documentary work, the couple also leads DOCshops documentary filmmaking workshops across the country. Their approach is focused on capturing the human perspective without skewing the intent and viewpoint of their subjects. As filmmakers, they are focused on creating meaningful films with as many outside perspectives as possible to showcase the diversity of our nation while reinforcing a sense purpose

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