Asylum - Skye

Watch Asylum - Skye, about a woman's battle against homophobia in Zimbabwe.


About the film

Skye Tenevimbo, originally from Zimbabwe, moved to England to attend university. While there, Skye became politically active and wrote articles critiquing Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe for his homophobic stance. This brought unwanted attention to her family back in Zimbabwe. Skye did not want to return for fear that she would be harmed, and decided to seek asylum by going to the Home Office to explain her case. She did not expect to be arrested but was put into a police car and detained for 24 hours. While in detention, Skye saw other women from different countries that were close to deportation. The experience left her with a stammer that she still has today

Presented by NBPC and None on Record

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About the filmmakers

Selly Thiam is a journalist and oral historian whose work has appeared on NPR, PBS and in Colorlines Magazine. Thiam was formerly the producer for the StoryCorps Griot Initiative, which gathered over 2000 interviews from African-Americans across the United States. She is the founder of None on Record.

Samantha Stark is a video journalist and cinematographer whose work has appeared on,, WPIX and City Limits. She is currently an associate producer on the documentary feature The New Black. Her short films Lost and Found and Condom Couture screened at Washington, D.C.’s LGBTQ film festival and the Hong Kong International AIDS film festival. Stark has a Masters of Arts from the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism.